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Fine Jewellery with Cultured Diamonds. Grown. Never Mined.

Lark & Berry is a pioneering fine jewellery brand that marries the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge tech of creating cultured diamonds. The brand designs timeless, yet cool collections inspired by nature and the art of the world around us.

With sustainability at the forefront since its launch in 2018, Lark & Berry has never used mined diamonds. Instead, it cultures all its gemstones to ensure the earth remains untouched and unharmed. These stones are then set on meticulously crafted gold and platinum.

Thanks to its innovative mindset and playful designs, Lark & Berry has become a brand loved by its cherished customers, press and celebrities.

The Name Lark & Berry

When learning English as a child, Laura discovered that her favourite species of bird “lark” also meant playful. As she grew up she became a firm believer that what ever we do we should always keep a playful spirit as to enjoy the most out of our every day.

When thinking of a name for her jewellery brand, Laura knew this word must be used. However, she also wanted the name to have a connection to her grandmother, the most elegant woman she had ever met; also the first woman Laura ever saw with a collection of jewels.

She then remembered a pendant her grandmother gifted her, which resembled a berry. Voila, the name Lark & Berry was born.

Diamonds With A Clear Conscience 

We love diamonds, we cannot deny that.

What we don’t love is the price tag that comes with such a beautiful stone. We don’t just mean its monetary value, but also the price that people and the environment pay as a result of mining for diamonds and precious stones. We know that mining causes an enormous amount of environmental damage. Not only that but the promise of wealth and hope that mining for stones brings to some of the poorest countries and communities, is often false.

We wanted to find an alternative. And we found it in real diamonds that do not have to be mined. We can then instead plant trees per diamond purchases and help create eco-jobs in some of these poorest communities.

The Future Of Jewellery 

We envision cultured diamonds as the future of luxury jewellery. After doing a little digging, we were blown away to discover that cultured, also called lab-grown diamonds are the same as their mined counterparts. Both have the same chemical structure, brilliant sparkle and are graded in the same way.


We believe the unity of innovation, conscience and a fun attitude will create the highest quality of products and experience for you. No matter how big or small, you can always trust that we have accepted only the highest-rated diamonds and stones - no less! That’s a promise.

OUR values

Mission Statement

We embarked on this journey to bring you the best designs, with the highest quality and assurance that cultured diamonds are a sustainable sourced ethical investment. The true essence of Lark & Berry is to be a leader in progression and be positively disruptive for the greater good and ensure everything we do has the environment and ethics at the forefront. 

At Lark & Berry, we want to provide you with the luxury products of the highest possible quality. But, we are actively conscious of our social responsibility to have a positive impact.

Ethically Driven

We want you to know that it is absolutely possible to have luxury diamond jewellery and a clean conscience. 

Growing our diamonds in a lab eliminates ethical questions. You are guaranteed that no diamonds exchanged hands to fund wars, no communities were decimated or exploited, and there was no needless mining of the Earth to create your diamonds.


At Lark & Berry, it is fundamental we are as sustainably led as possible. We ensure you have the highest quality jewellery possible and we know you want to protect the environment and human rights as much as we do.

Our higher purpose is to reduce the effects of climate change. We’re becoming one of the few e-commerce brands to offset 100% of our carbon emissions from shipping. and we also donate trees to be planted for every purchase made through our website or in our stores.


We plant trees through One Tree Planted and we make our shipping carbon neutral through EcoCart.

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