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Lark & Berry, the pioneer behind cultured diamond jewelry, is proud to present Eclipsis, our newest collection - the first fully cultured suite to feature dual-sided displays of gemstones in its pieces.


Inspired by the movement and contrast of an eclipse, our Eclipsis collection is the first suite launched by a cultured diamonds jewelry brand to present two beautiful luxury designs within one fine jewelry piece. Choose from a variety of 18ct gold rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants with dual-sided fine displays of both black onyx and mother of pearl – along with our trademark cultured diamonds.



The freedom of choice offered by these gender-fluid pieces – worn to show either the black onyx side or the white mother of pearl side as you wish – is the perfect metaphor for our brand. Choose how you want your jewelry to look, just like how you’ve chosen to sport cultured gemstones – the most sustainable for the planet.  


Just like an eclipse reveals daylight after darkness, our cultured stones shine a light on the dark side of the industry and coax it into brightness. As always, we aim to set an example to adopt sustainability, without compromising design. Everyone at Lark & Berry are firm believers that instead of decimating the Earth and communities in humanity's quest for precious stones, we should, and will, create the very same diamond jewelry with a clear conscience by forever using only cultured diamonds and stones.



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