New Diamond Disruptor podcast out - Sustainability and The Butterfly Effect 🦋

New Diamond Disruptor podcast out - Sustainability and The Butterfly Effect 🦋 | Lark and Berry

Welcome back to our Diamond Disruptor podcast mini-series, "Sustainable Fashion: What You Need to Know," in which we examine the world of environmentally responsible fashion through talks with brand leaders, influencers and others with professional knowledge on the topic!

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On this episode, we speak with Vanina Howan of @theecopreneurshow about her podcast profiling sustainable business leaders, the challenges sustainable brands face in fully implementing environmentally responsible practices and The Unschool, a unique program which helps aspiring fashion CEOs take steps to go green.

The Diamond Disruptor podcast is hosted by Lark & Berry writer Clark Watts. Our show takes a continuing look at cultured diamonds as a sustainable option in luxury jewelry. Geared towards both industry novices and experts, the DD pod features interviews with jewelry brand leaders, analysts, scientists and more, as well as guests from other marketplaces who promote sustainable interests.

We want to give a special thanks to the Feedspot blog for featuring our show as one of the "Top 10 Diamond Industry Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021." Click or tap below to see us in the blog!

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