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LARK & BERRY MAKING HEADLINES! April 2019 Edition | Lark and Berry


A little over two years ago, our team fantasied about getting our little eco-conscious, fairly-priced luxury brand off the ground and into the headlines.

But if back then, you’d told us that two years later, not only would it all become a reality, but also that Lark & Berry Atelier Bow Earrings would be on the cover of Country & Townhouse Magazine, a prestigious London monthly, or that our Modernist Circle Pendant and Orange Sapphire Pendant’s cultured diamonds would be around the neck of a girl famous for fighting dragons and warding off White Walkers…

Well, we would have thought it all part of the daydream!

Spring is young, but your fave lab grown diamonds luxury brand is already getting all kinds of love from a range of premiere fashion websites and magazines—actresses, influencers, fashionistas and more are singing the praises of our marvellous man made diamonds.

Let’s have a look at just SOME of these amazing mentions!

Country & Townhouse

Need to get out of the city and breathe some fresh, country air? We don’t blame you, lovelies! But just because you’re drinking in the sights and scents of nature, DOESN’T mean you can’t look fab while you do it!

Don’t miss Country & Townhouse’s spotlighting our Atelier Bow Earrings… on the COVER! Making this cover is a big deal for us, fans! Since its launch in 2007, Country & Townhouse has been a leading source of where to get all the best in British living and luxury—the finest houses, interiors, arts and events, food and travel, fashion, style and much more!

And of course they picked the Atelier Bow Earrings to be the stars of the show. Who wouldn’t? These two are showstoppers at any wedding or special event, having been lovingly loaded with our lab grown diamonds.

This issue is a great one for us to make, as well, since in this edition, Country & Townhouse are highlighting ways we can save Earth with more responsible products… like, ahem, Lark & Berry grown diamonds!

Lark & Berry fans know we love that YOU love lab grown diamonds, the much more responsible alternative to mined, with far less carbon emissions. So when a great magazine like Country & Townhouse jump on board the conservation cause, we’re thrilled to make the cover!


Phoenix Mag meets Game of Thrones

Just like Laura, our founder, Brit-born actress Hannah Murray is no stranger to world traveling. Murray recently sat down with Phoenix Mag for an interview detailing her work on 8 seasons of HBO’s smash hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones, as well as collaborations with some of Hollywood’s greatest female directors. Not a bad LA mover-and-shaker to add to the roster of people taking a liking to your grown diamonds… and, well, Murray loves Lark & Berry.

Check out her feature in the April issue of Phoenix Mag to see just how dazzling she makes our Modernist Circle Pendant and Orange Sapphire Pendant look!

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Hello Fashion Monthly

Every month, HFM brings the world the latest fashion news, spotlights trends and gives readers in-the-know tips for shopping London’s high-street luxury scene. Keep a look out for their April/May issue, which features our Veto Sapphire Double Ring—no shocker there that a magazine like Hello would take to the glamorous glitters of grown diamonds and sapphires sprinkled amongst the 14k yellow gold in our popular Double Ring. It’s simply one of the most unforgettable pieces on the market right now!

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Good Housekeeping

How about a showing in one of the most CLASSIC, tried and true mags on the market… we got in Good Housekeeping!

The fine folks over at GH have a great display of care for Earth in their April issue, just in time for what we, here at Lark & Berry like to call #EarthMonth. They have a spread spotlighting some great eco-conscious fashions, and our cultured diamonds jewels have a spot, right next to the popular shoes brand All Birds!

Pick up an issue of Good Housekeeping for a glimpse at our Halo Ring, Veto Open Ring and Star Diamond Pave Studs—a veritable tour de force in the industry’s finest lab grown diamonds!



ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar

Hey, how about a shout out in a double feature picked up by two of fashion’s most respected institutions? Count Lark & Berry COUNTED!

At this point, we think it might be fair to say that Harper’s has a little crush on us. It was just a month or so back they featured our 14K gold Modernist Diamond Pavé Ear Crawlers - and now, we are featured by both the above magazines simultaneously as being one of the “best lab grown diamond jewellery” brands.

AND as if that’s not enough, we also have a placement on Harper’s accessories and trends page, which features our Sapphire Sun Bracelet, ripe with Spring colours and gorgeous grown diamonds. We’ll take it!

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Here’s part of the Elle and Harper’s blurb about us:

“Lark & Berry creates high-quality yet sustainable pieces that cater to a variety of budgets. They use lab-grown diamonds that are 100 per cent traceable, so you know exactly where they came from and how they're produced.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!



Many of the magazines mentioned so far have international editions and followings, but we want to highlight some DIRECT interest we got across the pond this month. INSTORE is an insider magazine that gives the country’s top jewellers' tips and news-they-can-use to get on top in the luxury industry. So what better place to feature our Halo Ring?

Thanks, INSTORE, for noticing the game-changer factor of our man made diamonds and calling Lark & Berry jewellery, and we quote:

“A gorgeous pioneer in the world of lab-grown diamond fashion jewelry.”




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