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Happy International Women's Day, and Welcome to Alondra, by Lark & Berry. | Lark and Berry

Happy International Women's Day, and Welcome to Alondra, by Lark & Berry.

In honour of International Women’s Day, Lark & Berry has decided to launch its sister brand Alondra today!


More on Alondra and what it means for us down below… first, just what is International Women’s Day, and why is it important to us at Lark & Berry?

The roots of International Women’s Day (IWD) stem from a very historically important women’s working rights movement in 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York demanding shorter working hours, better pay and the right to vote (the latter known as “suffrage” in the US, which wasn’t granted in that country until 1920). A year later, the Socialist Party of America declared the first National Woman's Day.

Later, Clara Zetkin, a German advocate for women's rights, suggested the creation of an international women’s day. She put her idea to an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen in 1910, where it was agreed upon unanimously. The date of 8th March was chosen as a result of a wartime strike in 1917, when on that day, Russian women demanded "bread and peace.” This movement led to Russian women’s right to vote.

IWD being on 8th March, to honour Russian women’s “bread and peace” strike, was made the official date internationally in 1975, when the United Nations started celebrating the day.

“The seeds of International Women’s Day come from so many different movements for rights for women historically, in so many different territories. So, I just think for Lark & Berry, a female-led brand and largely female-staffed, it’s an important day to remember and honour how this all came to be.” said Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez.

“So, it’s because of the importance of this day, that we decided it was perfect for the launch of Alondra, our sister brand long in the making, which was conceived to  give the biggest jewellery-loving audience yet the chance to support cultured diamonds and stones."

“The stones in all Lark & Berry jewellery are always created, never mined. This guarantees they are conflict-free and the most responsible stones, and we wanted to find a way to design jewellery at the lowest possible price-point we could, whilst still achieving our high Lark & Berry standards for craftsmanship and design,” said Lark & Berry lead designer Emily Newman.

“Horizon became our debut collection, which features Lark & Berry’s created diamonds, black spinel and 18K gold vermeil and silver. The vermeil and silver are what allow us to design beautiful pieces accessible to a far larger amount of the jewellery-buying public. On top of that, I feel that these are some of our most modern, edgiest designs yet, which we are all happy with; to keep pushing the design envelope.”


Horizon is just the first collection released by Alondra, with more to come soon. We at Lark & Berry encourage everyone to follow Alondra’s new IG account, and of course, visit the site to view HORIZON, as well as sign up for email updates!


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