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A Guide to Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

A Guide to Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most personal and significant decisions in a couple's journey. While diamonds have long been the traditional choice, many are now seeking alternatives that are equally stunning and meaningful. Lark & Berry is proud to offer a variety of non-diamond engagement rings that cater to different tastes, values, and budgets.

This guide explores these traditional engagement ring alternatives – we’ll examine their uniqueness, symbolism, and look at practical considerations.

Best Non-Diamond Gemstones for Engagement Rings


Sapphires are a popular diamond alternative due to their rich history and variety of colours. As one of the most favoured non diamond engagement rings, sapphires offer a unique blend of beauty and significance. Traditionally associated with wisdom and royalty, sapphires come in a spectrum of hues, from classic blue to pink, yellow, and even green. This variety makes them an excellent choice for those seeking diamond alternatives.

Sapphires’ durability (ranking 9 on the Mohs scale) ensures they are suitable for everyday wear, making them one of the best stone engagement rings available. When considering diamond alternatives, sapphire engagement rings stand out for their elegance and resilience.

Lab Grown Sapphire Engagement Ring



Emeralds, known for their vibrant green colour, are a stunning option for non diamond engagement rings. These gemstones symbolise rebirth, love, and fertility, making them a meaningful choice for many couples. Each emerald is unique, often containing natural inclusions known as "jardin," which add to their character and allure, distinguishing them from other diamond alternatives. However, they are softer than sapphires and diamonds, requiring more care and attention (ranking 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale).

Despite this, emeralds remain a favoured choice for stone  engagement rings, offering a distinctive and enchanting alternative for those seeking engagement ring alternatives that stand out with their rich history and deep, captivating hues.

Lab Grown Emerald Engagement Ring


Rubies, renowned for their fiery red hues, make a bold and passionate statement as an alternative to diamond engagement rings. Symbolising love, courage, and vitality, rubies have long been treasured for their intense colour and historical significance. Unlike many gemstones, rubies are exceptionally durable, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes them an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Their vibrant red colour is unmatched and instantly recognisable, offering a unique and striking alternative to the traditional diamond. The allure of rubies lies not only in their beauty but also in their rarity and the deep emotional meaning they convey. For couples seeking a distinctive and powerful symbol of their love, rubies stand out as a remarkable and enduring choice for non-diamond engagement rings.

Other Lab Grown Gemstones

Lark and Berry offers personalised engagement rings that prioritise ethical sourcing and sustainability. Customers can create their own rings using any of the brand’s exquisite lab-grown gemstones, such as spinel, onyx, and pearl, along with sapphires, emeralds, diamond accents, and more. 

Each gemstone, grown in a controlled environment to ensure they are conflict-free and ethically produced, carries its own unique symbolism and charm. Additionally, the metals used in these rings are recycled, further reducing environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability provides a personalised and conscientious touch to your engagement ring, reflecting both your individual style and values.

Lab Grown Gemstone Engagement Ring

Metal Options for Non-Diamond Rings

Choosing the right metal is crucial in complementing your chosen gemstone and ensuring the engagement ring's longevity.


Platinum is renowned for its durability and hypoallergenic properties, making it an excellent choice for non diamond engagement rings. Its natural white sheen not only enhances the brilliance of coloured gemstones but also adds to the allure of  engagement ring alternatives. 

When considering stone engagement rings, platinum stands out for its resilience and timeless elegance. Unlike other metals, platinum requires minimal maintenance over the years, ensuring that your ring remains as beautiful as the day you first received it.


Gold is a versatile choice for non diamond engagement rings, offering a range of options to suit different preferences and styles. Available in yellow, white, and rose variations, each type of gold provides a unique aesthetic that complements various diamond alternatives and engagement ring alternatives.

  • Yellow Gold

  • Classic and timeless, yellow gold pairs beautifully with warm-colored gemstones, adding a touch of traditional elegance to stone engagement rings.
  • White Gold

  • Modern and sophisticated, white gold offers a sleek and contemporary look that complements cool-coloured stones, providing a perfect setting for diamond alternatives.
  • Rose Gold

  • Romantic and trendy, rose gold boasts a warm, pinkish hue that enhances both modern and vintage designs. It adds a romantic touch to non diamond engagement rings and offers a unique option for those seeking something unconventional yet elegant. With its versatility and timeless appeal, gold remains a popular choice for stone engagement rings, allowing couples to express their individuality and style preferences effortlessly.

Settings for Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives

When selecting a non-diamond engagement ring, it's essential to consider not only the gemstone but also the setting, as it plays a crucial role in both the aesthetic and security of the ring. The setting determines how the stone will be showcased and secured, serving as the foundation for diamond alternatives. By choosing the right setting, you can ensure that the stone remains protected and beautifully displayed.

Whether you opt for a classic prong setting to highlight the brilliance of coloured gemstones or prefer a bezel setting for added security and modern elegance, the setting significantly enhances the beauty and longevity of your ring. With various options available, including pave, channel, and halo settings, you can customise your ring to reflect your personal style and preferences, ensuring that your chosen gemstone is showcased to its fullest potential.

Prong Settings

Prong settings are popular for showcasing the gemstone prominently. They allow maximum light to pass through the stone, enhancing its brilliance. However, they require regular maintenance to ensure the prongs remain secure.

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings encircle the gemstone with a metal rim, offering excellent protection and a modern, sleek appearance. This setting is ideal for individuals with active lifestyles.

Halo Settings

Halo settings feature a central gemstone surrounded by smaller stones, amplifying the ring's sparkle and creating an illusion of a larger central stone. This design is perfect for those seeking extra glamour.

Halo Engagement Ring Setting


Personalisation Tips for Stone Engagement Rings

Selecting a non-diamond engagement ring opens up a world of possibilities for personalisation, allowing you to create a ring that truly reflects your unique love story and style. At Lark & Berry, we offer a bespoke engagement ring service that allows you to work directly with our lead designer in London, either in person or virtually from anywhere in the world. 

This ensures that you can customise any ring, not just engagement rings, to meet your specific desires and requirements. Here are some tips to ensure your ring is meaningful and distinctive:

Consider Birthstones

Incorporating the birthstones of the couple adds a personal touch and symbolic meaning to the ring, making it even more special. This unique element can enhance the sentimental value of your stone engagement ring, setting it apart from traditional designs.

Combine Gemstones

Combine multiple stones into the design, such as pairing a central gemstone with smaller accent stones. This approach can add colour, depth, and dimension to the ring, highlighting the main stone while adding unique visual interest. 


Adding a special date, name, or phrase inside the band transforms the ring into a cherished keepsake. This personal engraving ensures the ring remains one-of-a-kind for generations to come, preserving a piece of your personal history in the jewellery itself.

Tips for Buying Non Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the options are vast and varied. From classic diamonds to alternative gemstones, the choices can be overwhelming. However, if you're considering a non-diamond option, there are a few key factors to keep in mind to ensure you find the perfect ring for your partner.

Get to Know Your Partner's Style

Before diving into ring shopping, take the time to understand your partner's taste in jewellery. This knowledge will guide you in selecting a ring that perfectly complements their personality and style.

Learn About Gemstone Characteristics

Different gemstones have different properties. For example, while diamonds are known for their hardness, some gemstones may require more care to prevent scratches and damage. Research the hardness, durability, and any special care requirements of the gemstone you choose.

Establish a Budget

Decide on your budget for the ring before you begin your search. Non-diamond engagement rings, often featuring gemstones, can be more budget friendly than those with diamonds, with prices varying based on the type and quality of the gemstone, as well as the metal used for the setting. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your choices and ensure you find a ring that aligns with your financial situation.

Embrace Creativity and Individuality with Diamond Alternatives from Lark & Berry

Choosing an engagement ring is a deeply personal experience, and at Lark & Berry, we believe that your ring should reflect your unique love story. Our collection of non-diamond engagement rings offers a myriad of possibilities, allowing you to create a ring that perfectly embodies your style, values, and budget.

With our customisation options, you can tailor every aspect of your ring, from selecting the perfect gemstone to choosing the ideal setting and metal. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of sapphires, the captivating allure of emeralds, the passionate statement of rubies, or the unique charm of lab-grown gemstones, our expert team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

In addition to offering a wide range of gemstone options, we prioritise ethical sourcing and sustainability. Our lab-grown diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free and eco friendly, allowing you to make a conscious choice without compromising on beauty or quality. With recycled metals and personalised designs, each ring becomes a symbol of your commitment to both your partner and the planet.

Experience the joy of creating a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring that captures the essence of your love story. Visit us at Lark & Berry and let us help you design the ring of your dreams.


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