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Darling Diamond Charm

Just like when you find the finest point possible to end the argument in your favour, there's just no rebuttal to espousing the beauty of this detachable diamond accent.

  • Metal: 9K Gold
  • Leading Gemstone: Cultured Diamonds
  • Overall Width: 2.1mm
  • Overall Height (excluding loop): 4.9mm

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Our stones are never mined, they are grown with cutting-edge tech. This means no large holes need to be dug up, no animal habitats are displaced and no human rights are ever violated. Cultured diamonds are identical to mined diamonds as they are just as hard, will shine just as long and experts cannot tell them apart (nothing to tell apart!). They are also graded in the same way, according to their colour, cut, clarity and carats. Our diamonds are DEFG in colour and VS+ in quality - the top of the top.


For each purchase you make we will be planting trees and making your shipping 100% carbon neutral. We believe value comes from finding better products that not only make us feel great, but that also protect our planet at the same time.