NEW! Walk-Ins Welcome on Fridays from 11am-6pm!
52a George St, W1U7EA, Marylebone, London
(4 blocks from Selfridges, 1 block from Chiltern Firehouse)
Your piercing is complimentary with purchase when you are part of our luxury program, which is free to join!

Our specialist piercers are able to advise you on your custom piercing based on your own unique ear anatomy. We are able to pierce with both hoops and labrets so that you can achieve your perfect look immediately. We advise you consult with our piercer prior to your appointment for Rook, Diath and Snug piercings to ensure that you have the perfect piece of jewellery.
Please note, we can only pierce with our Lark & Berry piercing range which has been specifically designed for ear work. We advise that your arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment time so that you can complete your piercing consent form, choose and discuss your desired piece of jewellery for your piercing and enjoy complimentary refreshments.
If there is a specific item of jewellery from the piercing range that you would like to be pierced with, we advise that you purchase said piece prior to your appointment and have it sent to store. Please allow enough time after your piercing for your ear to heal before making other arrangements. Some people's piercings heal faster than others, so we advise you take your time after getting a piercing with us. You are welcome to stay as long as you'd like in our store with our expert piercer when in doubt. 
There is no additional cost for your piercing, but we do ask that you pay a deposit of £20 to secure your appointment time, which is redeemable against your purchase in-store when you are part of our luxury program. This program is free to join.
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