Diamond mining has taken an enormous toll on our environment—huge, permanent holes dug into the earth, polluted ground waters, wildlife displacement—the list goes on. We seek to help Earth by partnering with the One Tree Planted organization.

Lark & Berry share the same passion for environmental consciousness with One Tree Planted. It’s imperative new trees are continually planted, which facilitates reforestation, biodiversity creation and even creates new eco-conscious employment.

That’s why Lark & Berry are proud to donate 5 trees to be planted for every purchase made through our website or in our stores. With the new trees made available by your purchase, we will work with One Tree Planted to focus reforestation primarily in Africa, where people have suffered the worst consequences from diamond mining.

AIR: trees absorb harmful pollutants so we don’t have to, converting bad air to good in the form of clean oxygen released for us to breathe

CLIMATE: The carbon dioxide and other pollutants absorbed by trees help to clean air and regulate climate

WATER: trees purify rain water for our safe use, prevent floods and maintain Earth’s water cycles

BIODIVERSITY: forests full of healthy trees provide habitat to many animals, birds, insects, fungi, moss, and plants—all necessary components for our eco-system to thrive

SOCIAL IMPACT: planting and maintaining trees provides jobs, yielding security to workers in many communities

HEALTH: trees and nature are proven to reduce stress, aid in recovery and promote overall wellness
One Tree Planted places trees on 4 continents around the world: North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Reforestation focus areas include wildfire restoration, biodiversity, habitat expansion, agroforestry, food security, social impact and watershed maintenance among others.
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