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Diamond Pendant on Chain Set on 4 Prongs

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These items are made to order with your choice of carat/size, and your choice of 18K, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. We can also set on platinum if you prefer. 

  • This product ships within 1-2 weeks after we confirm diamond quality and size with you.
  • Prices shown are for minimum F coloured diamonds and VS clarity (colourless and without visible inclusions to the naked eye).
  • There might be a carat variation of up to 0.10 carats bigger, never smaller. 
  • A certificate is provided for each diamond.
  • Item pictured is approximately 1-1.25 carats. 

To guarantee a specific carat, colour and clarity or for other quality diamonds please contact us.

We only use cultured (lab-grown) diamonds and stones, which are more sustainable as no mining is needed, no animal habitats are displaced and no human rights are ever violated. Cultured diamonds are identical to mined diamonds: they are just as hard, will shine just as long and experts cannot tell them apart (as there is nothing to tell apart!). Our diamonds are D,E,F and G in colour and VS+ in quality - the top of the top.

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