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Supernova Bracelet in 18K White Gold (One of a Kind)

Wear a one of a kind piece de-crafted from our Supernova Necklace, designed for the Oscars, made by Lark & Berry using diamonds created by Silicon Valley based Diamond Foundry- the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer.


Delicate trillion diamonds glisten along the line of your wrist to create a sparkle like no other. The diamonds used in this bracelet are from the Diamond Foundry, meaning that they are all certified carbon neutral, making this limited addition beautiful Supernova Bracelet the perfect gift or heirloom to pass down for future generations. 

  • Metal: 18K White Gold
  • Leading Gemstone: Cultured Diamond
  • Total Diamond Carat Weight: 1.95ct
  • Overall Height: 5.3mm
  • Worn Length: 7" and 7.5"

The 64.5ct Supernova Necklace was one of three pieces in a suite created for the 2020 Oscars Awards. The piece caught the eye of fashion icon Billy Porter, who wore it prominently whilst performing in the ceremony’s opening musical, televised to millions across the world and singled out as a highlight of the show in the media the following day.


Lark & Berry is the first fine-designer jewellery brand in the world to use only use cultured diamonds (never mined). In keeping with the values intrinsic in this historic tradition, we jumped at the chance to use Diamond Foundry’s gemstones for the Supernova Necklace – and subsequently, all 39 pieces comprising this limited series. Diamond Foundry utilises proprietary solar technology and hydro-power to create diamonds for jewellery and is the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer.

Any stones bearing Lark & Berry’s name are never mined, hence no large holes need digging, no animal habitats are displaced and no human rights are ever violated. Cultured diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, as they are just as hard, will shine just as long; experts cannot tell them apart (because indeed, there’s nothing to tell apart!). Cultured diamonds are graded in the same way as mined, according to colour, cut, clarity and carats. Our diamonds are DEFG in colour and VS+ in quality - the top of the top.

For each purchase you make, we will be planting trees and ensuring your shipping process is 100% carbon neutral.

We believe value comes from finding better products that not only make us feel great, but also protect our planet.


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