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Veto Emerald Open Petal Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Tumbling along the lines of your fingers, this Open Veto Petal Ring is the perfect frame for any hand. Available in different colours, the marquise stones flutter and fall like blossom petals in the sunshine. 

  • 18K Gold,
  • Emerald: 1.4 carats 
  • Diamonds: 0.06ct

We only use cultured (lab-grown) diamonds and stones, which are more sustainable as no mining is needed, no animal habitats are displaced and no human rights are ever violated. Cultured diamonds are identical to mined diamonds: they are just as hard, will shine just as long and experts cannot tell them apart (as there is nothing to tell apart!). Our diamonds are DEFG in colour and VS+ in quality - the top of the top.

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