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Shine Different Rewards Program Terms & Conditions


  • All pieces returned for credit or purchased with credit must be Lark & Berry pieces

  • Only pieces purchased directly with Lark & Berry on our website or in our stand-alone stores are eligible. Pieces bought through third parties or retailers are not eligible.

  • The credit given for any returned pieces will be directly applied to your account. This can be via a code you can use on your next purchase.

  • To use your credit, the new piece(s) purchased must be at least two times the credit to be used.

  • We aim to always give you at least 30% back but the credit you receive for recycling your piece will depend on factors such as piece, metal, time between purchase and return, etc.

  • We will credit your account once we have received the piece back from you.

  • To get an estimate on your piece or for more information please contact us at

  • These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time and at the sole discretion of Lark & Berry. 


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