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Free gifts. Red-Carpet jewellery on-demand. Special pricing just for you.  Access all the fine jewellery you will ever need. All for one yearly price.

20% OFF jewellery

Get 20% off all Lark & Berry jewellery, all the time. Applies to every purchase as long as you're a member. You also get 20% OFF our new partner jewellery brands. All in all, that’s hundreds of fine pieces to choose from. See all partner brands below.

3 for 2 fine piercings

With our Concierge Membership, 3-for-2 piercings is another of your new, never-ending specials. Mix and match in thousands of ways with our sister brand EAR ENVY’s growing collection of fine, 14K gold piercings and always get three pieces for the price of two.

free shipping

For all orders. No minimum amount spent required.

*Currently available in the UK (USA and Europe coming soon). Loan exclusions apply.



Your membership to our Concierge program includes access to our fine jewellery loaning program. Just imagine wearing what you want, whenever you want it. Want that red carpet look? A different style just for the holidays? Or just want to test a new look before committing to a lifetime investment? Discover what our service offers and how it works below.

*Launching in the UK (USA to follow)

gift on your bday + xmas

Receive a special gift on us ....

member only sales

With our Concierge Membership, you’ll get exclusive access to sales curated for VIPs only. The finest luxury pieces at specials only for you.


£49.99 per year. (This means if you buy a £250 item, with your 20% off, you're already making back your membership!) need to say this in a nice way

jewellery on-demand

wear the red carpet, or change your look for a while or test a piece before you buy. With your membership, you can access our loan platform. From atelier one-off special made pieces to every day pieces, find your perfect piece for that wedding, trip or week at work where you want to look diffefently. 

Fine Jewellery at Your Fingertips, For a Special Occasion or a Longer Time. 

Test those pieces you've been eyeing before making your final investment in them.



Made for a Special Occassion such as a wedding or gala event. Loan a fine jewellery item from our select collections at only 1.5% of retail value.

1 month LOAN

Have a special holiday planned or want a certain look for a few weeks? Loan fine jewellery items from our select collections at only 5% of retail value. 

Want to keep your piece after? We will deduct your loan spend plus you still get your special member price.


Long summer trip or not sure if you want to keep a piece forever? Loan fine jewellery items from our select collections, for a whole season (3 full months) at only 10% of retail value. 

Want to keep your piece after? We will deduct your loan spend plus you still get your special member price.


Receive 20% OFF our partner brands as part of your Lark & Berry Concierge Membership! More fine jewellery brands are debuting soon, so stay tuned.


Curate your ear with tiny pieces of art. Receive 3-for-2 on all Ear Envy pieces as part of the L&B Concierge Membership.

Visit Ear Envy's Website


Simple. Elegant. Minimalist design. A perfect first diamond-jewellery gift for that special someone in your life just beginning their fine jewellery journey.

Visit The Simple Diamond's Website


Chain link necklaces and bracelets. Oversized gold rings. Stunning contrasts of black and gold metals. Alondra creates artful, hip and fashionable luxury pieces made to last using the best recycled metals and gemstones in the industry. Everlasting shine is sought above all else - the brand’s pieces contain 100% real lab grown gemstones - the very same as you’d find in pieces at much higher prices. 

Visit Alondra Jewellery's Website


For a bigger, bolder you. Colour & Gem creates big pieces, all with cultured sapphires in all colours for jewellery neither you nor your admirers will soon forget.

Visit Colour and Gem's Website


Star light. Star bright. Amazing’s how you’ll look tonight.

Zodiac sign pieces. Shooting stars. Interstellar wonder. Delicate, everyday fine jewelry for explorer hearts; those with minds wandering up through our atmosphere and beyond. Traveling the uncharted territories of the universe wearing gold and diamond sparkles gives a whole new meaning to the term “wanderlust.”

Visit Starry Nights Jewellery's Website

NOAH c.w.

Clean, defined shapes and sharp lines. Pieces inspired by architecture as art. Minimalist men's luxury jewelry, designed for maximum impact in our modern age.

Visit Noah C.W.'s Website

more brands coming soon!