14k Gold Jewelry

Make the perfect choice every time, for every outfit, with our collection of elegant jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings all united under one concept: Perfection. Pair them together or wear them solo, each piece in our collection can stand as the headliner or be a part of a stunning ensemble.

Dune Purple Ellipse Bracelet

$ 550.00 USD

Dune Diamond Pendant

$ 1,000.00 USD

Dune Diamond Band

From $ 1,150.00 USD

Dune Blue Ellipse Bracelet

$ 450.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire Ring

From $ 625.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire Pendant

$ 750.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire 14k rose gold Earrings

$ 995.00 USD

Blue Ellipse Necklace

$ 1,000.00 USD

Blue Ellipse Drop Earrings

$ 700.00 USD

Blue Dune Charm Necklace

$ 950.00 USD