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Your taste in jewelry underlines and accents every outfit, so make the perfect choice every time with our collection of elegant jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings all united under one concept: Perfection. Each piece is perfectly crafted from the purest gold and the most brilliant of cultured diamonds, to bring you perfection you can wear.

Dune Diamond Pendant

$ 1,000.00 USD

Dune Diamond Band

From $ 1,150.00 USD

Dune Blue Ellipse Bracelet

$ 450.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire Ring

$ 625.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire 14k rose gold Earrings

$ 995.00 USD

Blue Ellipse Necklace

$ 1,000.00 USD

Blue Ellipse Drop Earrings

$ 700.00 USD

Blue Dune Charm Necklace

$ 950.00 USD

Aerides Sapphire & Diamond Band

$ 1,450.00 USD

Aerides Diamond Stud Earrings

$ 4,995.00 USD

Aerides Diamond Pendant

$ 5,425.00 USD

Aerides Diamond Drop Earrings

$ 7,250.00 USD

Aerides Diamond Dress Ring

$ 3,995.00 USD